ICSJ School:  Sports Branding

When it came to depicting their school mascot, Immaculate Conception St. Joseph School had been turning to scrap art for nearly 7 years. Their dolphin mascot had been given a name when students voted for it in 2011, but it never had an official design. As the school grew in stature over the years, the inconsistencies in the dolphin images that were being used—from gym outfits, to team uniforms and gear, to swag and merchandising items—was becoming a branding problem for the school. My design challenge was to take what the dolphin represents to the school (friendliness, loyalty, intelligence and playfulness) and add in just the right amount of sporty fierceness—but not so much that it would frighten the school’s youngest students (yes, this was a consideration). The resulting approach struck the right balance and has provided swagger for the sports teams, a strong brand for booster merchandising, and some much needed consistency. (My role: Designer.)

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I shot the video below with my iPhone and edited a brief promo video for the school to introduce my gymnasium wall design (above).