Betty Multisport:  Identity+

BettyMultisport, a startup fitness company specializing in triathlon training for women, came to me with a company name and a rough sketch of a Mexican sugar skull. They wanted a logo that incorporated literal elements of triathlon training – running, swimming and biking – as well as the sporty, feminine, irreverent and fiercely independent attitude that  was the foundation of their company. The resulting logo and identity gave them a powerful, flexible tool for building their business. (My role: Art Director, Designer.) 

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The client requested that the sugar skull feature elements of woman's multisport, swim cap and goggles, bike gears (eyes) and running (chin).

BMS needed a mobile-optimized site they could manage themselves, but had zero budget, so I built them a site on website builder Strikingly.

The identity I designed for them was carried over to their Facebook page and triathlon unitards (below) and other merchandising items, all of which helped increase visibility, drive business and build their brand.